Clean & Declutter First

Cleaning your home is far easier once you remove the clutter.  We probably need to do that anyway.  If you are selling, you really need to remove your stuff off site. 

Donate:  This is a great way to get rid of usable things without trying to sell them.  This is perfect if you have a lot of stuff and no time to worry with it.

Sell it: Try selling your things online if you have the time and would like to have a little extra cash.  It can be inconvenient at times, but would be well worth it.

Put it on the curb:  Want a quick and easy way to get rid of your stuff…..put it on the curb.  People love things that are free.  You don’t get the benefit of tax deductions, but a lot less hassle.

Trash it:  I f you have a whole lotta stuff, throw it in a dumpster or a Bagster bag.  You will have to find out the costs for the dumpster and bagster.  This may be very convenient, especially if you have limited time and a lot of stuff.

Store it:  For everything else that you are keeping and not using for staging purposes, containers are the way to go.  Call and order a mobile storage container.  They will drop it off and pick it up when you are ready.  If you are moving,  the company will move it for you.  You can also use a local storage facility.  There are different sizes and prices, so make some calls and find your best deals. 

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